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Movie: Soldier (1998)
Song: Tera Rang Balle Balle
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Jaspinder Narula
Lyricist: Sameer
Music Director: Anu Malik
Starring: Raakhee, Bobby Deol, Preity Zinta
Language: Hindi

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Tera rang balle balle , teri chaal balle balle, tera roop balle balle, teri gal balle balle

Oh your appearance, your demeanor, your mannerisms... everything about you is perfect

Dekha tujhe to mujhe pyar ho gaya, tere khyalon mein yeh dil kho gaya
With just one look, I fell in love, my heart was lost to you

Naiinyo naiinyo, manu dil tera naiinyo chahida
No no , I don't want your heart

Ik tuhi mere naal naiinyo naiinyo janchda

You don't measure up to me in any way

Dhol jaani dhol jaani mere paas aa teri mehrbani
My love, do me a favor, be with me

Jhoot bol na, neeyat mein hai teri baimani
You liar, I don't believe a word you say

Kurti teri cheetdi, dupta tera lehrya
Your lovely dress, your elegant flowing scarf

Hindustani rani banja, raja ki tu goriya

You're a beautiful Indian princess, and I'm your prince

Main kudi Punjab di , mera resham da rumal ve
I'm a girl from Punjab, I flaunt a silk scarf

Zindagi bhar bhoolega na kar doongi vo haal ve

I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget all your life

O naiinyo naiinyo tere bin dil naiinyo lagda

No no, I can't be without you

Tujhe dekhte haye dil mera nachda

My heart dances at the sight of you

Na dekh challe challe, dil phenk challe challe
Don't stare at me, don't wear your heart on your sleeve

Mujhe chhod challe challe, na chhedh challe challe

Go away... stop bothering me

Pagal dewana dildar ho gaya, isko sambhalo ye bekar ho gaya

His mind is crazy with the idea of love, take care of him... he is of no use anymore

Mera yaar balle balle, dildar balle balle, inkar balle balle, ikrar balle balle
Oh my love, my sweetheart, your attitude is awesome

Dekha tujhe to mujhe pyar ho gaya......

With just one look, I fell in love



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